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Who we are

We are rapidly growing modern telecommunication and technology company based in Toronto, Canada. We provide small and medium-sized enterprises such as carriers, ISP’s and telecommunication service providers with high quality ITSP services to any destination worldwide.

Our interconnection with more than 200 local operators throughout the globe allows us to terminate large quantities of telecom traffic worldwide and provide some of the best international termination rates in the industry. Thanks to direct interconnection with Tier 1 Providers and state-of-the-art equipment, high ASR and short PDD Telefonix is providing simply the best possible connection ad service to its customers.

The Telefonix network is supported by a 24/7 network-operation-centre, ensuring the constant quality of our service.

Semyon Shtern, President & CEO

Technologies we work with

Voice Termination
Wholesale SMS
Network, Facilities and Data
System Integration

Our People

Put your confidence into our motivated team and reliable technology. We strongly believe that only dedicated employees create a basis for innovative products, which leads to a positive customer experience and guarantee long term success. Today, we are happy to acknowledge that we are moving towards our goals quickly and effectively, thanks to our team of professionals that are filled with high energy, a desire for action, and compassion for our telecommunications.

Customer Service

The customer service is at the heart of our operations and strategy and we do work to establish close relationships with our retail and wholesale customers. Many of the products and services we offer are typically in constant use by customers and tightly integrated into their daily operational activity. In this regard, our sales and technical staff are constantly trying to develop a profound understanding of the ways in which they are used, how they contribute to the success of customers’ business, how they might be further developed to generate additional value.

Our Departments

Network Operations

Maintain your competitive edge with cost-effective central point for all your network troubleshooting, monitoring and management.

Wholesale Voice/Text/Data

We provide the widest range of competitively priced wholesale services from transit and conveyance, to wholesale and IP Exchange.


Our solutions team will work closely with your business requirements to research and engineer efficient, reliable and  and secure solutions.