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Virtual or physical presence for voice and data connectivity
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Our services

We integrate technology, methodology and professional services to help companies optimize contacts, increase productivity, reduce costs, and manage a transition to IP-based solutions smoothly. We can assess where your business is today, and by analyzing the functionality, compatibility, scalability, quality, operation, and cost, we will build the solution that best fits your business needs.

Carrier Services

Telefonix carrier services brings you the reliability, security and reach of the global voice, text and data network, so you can offer economical solutions almost anywhere you and your customers do business. Gain access to a full range of communications services – including voice, data, cloud, Ethernet, mobility and much more.

Are you ready to go as far as your drive and determination take you? We specialize in providing excellent telecommunication networks, services and products at competitive pricing to cater your specific requirements.


We carry the most sophisticated communications worldwide and we offer full range of data, mobile, corporate and voice services to shape tomorrow’s communication. Choose from a complete portfolio of customized international voice, text and data services catering to the needs of corporate customers.

Get guarantee of innovation, convergence, flexibility, quality, cost efficiency and global coverage and benefit from our competitive pricing, dynamic routing solutions and network reliability. We offer worldwide voice capabilities for carriers, mobile operators and service providers.

Telecom Consulting

Voice over IP (VoIP) provides businesses with numerous benefits, including improved flexibility, additional functionality, and a lower cost of ownership. However, the migration to VoIP can be complex, and many enterprises are challenged by the process. Companies are struggling with rapidly-evolving technology, multi-vendor solutions and massive integration efforts.

At Telefonix we understand the challenges that you may be facing and always starts from a position of “What do you need?” instead of “Here’s what we have.” Every customer has unique needs and we’ll start by asking a lot of questions to make sure that we understand yours before we start talking about solutions.

Datacenters & Facilities

In this information age nothing beats the need for top quality and resilient networks that cover most places all over the world for any type of customers, ranging from giant corporations to small-to-medium enterprises. Smooth and stable flows of data traffic coupled with solid infrastructures are what it takes to lay the foundations of partnerships.

Seasoned in the industry, Telefonix  boasts efficiency for customized data and bandwidth services, offering performance enhancement and best value. You’ll benefit from our extensive network infrastructure with built-in redundancy, high bandwidth capacity and reliable access solutions.