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For many years Telefonix has been reshaping businesses with its innovative communication solutions. Our major focus has been delivering end to end solutions to business entities of all sizes; from corporate to carriers.

Voice Solutions

We have been working with Canadian and international companies for many years to provide custom-tailored technology and innovative voice solutions that helped our partners to extend their businesses into new markets. Reduce your costs, increase productivity and control your risks by working with a partner the offers reliability, redundancy and more than a decade of experience implementing custom voice solutions.

At Telefonix we know the most important factor in voice solutions is reliability. Therefore, in every solution we build,  we guarantee it to be a fully integrated, competitive and of outstanding  quality of service.

Text Messaging Solutions

Today North American small and medium businesses are operating in a completely new competitive landscape. One of the factors affecting this trend is the changing patterns and speedy development of IP based text messaging technology.

Technology which is accessible for almost all mobile devices makes reaching marketing goals such as expanding sales through contextualized communications, improving customer loyalty and engaging offline audience possible for small and medium size businesses.

Our job is to design and tailor customized messaging and voiced technology as well as integrate it with specific business systems.